Power / Engine

4 cylinders 215 cv




55 000 €

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The Opel Kadett GT/E is a true pasisonate’s car that has left its mark on rallying history. In addition to its numerous competition victories, it has seen legends of the discipline at the wheel: Walter Röhrl, then a young hope of German motor sport, Yves Loubet and Jean Louis Clarr. They all have fond memories of the Kadett, “a simple car, but a real racing car” according to Yves Loubet.

This 1978 chassis was one of the Simon Racing team’s mules, used in particular by Jean-Louis Clarr. He finished runner-up in the French championship that same year, driving the famous GTE in its BP livery, faithfully reproduced on this car.

Its current owner has carried out a complete restoration. As a professional driver, he has carried out a state of the art rebuild of a group 2 configuration, with the best possible parts: a ZF autoblocker, the ZF 23 gearbox, Weber 48 twin body carburettors and AP racing brakes. The power output was measured on the bench and reached 215 hp for a weight of 1080 kg!

Today the Kadett GT/E continues to shine in historic rallies. Highly competitive and ready to race with its FIA passport, this Kadett GTE is ideal for participating in prestigious events such as the Tour de Corse, the Spa loops or the historic Monte Carlo rally. Importantly for the competition enthusiast, it is sold with a set of parts and extra rims.