Power / Engine

650 cv




Price on request

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This incredible car has a unique chassis built in collaboration by Elva-McLaren in 1965 at the request of the famous German designer, Luigi COLANI.

This chassis was not used in a race, it remained untouched, while L.Colani had to prepare a body for it.

In 2006, the current owner of the car asked Franco Sbarro, inspired by the LOLA T298, to adapt a body as light as possible.

He then had a new engine fitted by his tuner, a Chevrolet V8, Base High performance small block 5.9L 650 HP with a special 1000 to 1500 HP dragster type crankshaft, forged pistons, H-rods, modern electronic boxes, new Brembo brakes, removable 3-piece aluminium rims and many other features.

It is also possible to fit a McLaren M8 type body or other. This car has been driven very little and is therefore in perfect condition. It is now a mechanical jewel.

We hope to have made you dream as much as it makes us vibrate.
Dear Enthusiasts, collectors or race drivers, this car is for you and it is the only chance for you to get sensations on board a prototype mixing “History of the automobile” and “Work of art”.